At Digital Phenom, necessity is certainly the mother of invention. We have the ability to tackle even the most complicated web application to save your business money and improve productivity. We understand that every client is unique. Our designers and web developers work closely with you to identify custom applications and solutions that are built to meet your specific marketing, customer and technology needs.

Our goal is to help you determine the type of custom applications that will maximize the functionality, visitor experience and the online marketing objective of your organization. Custom applications are developed to seamlessly integrate into your existing website and reflect a consistent design presentation. To date, we have developed a diverse range of custom applications including online surveys, decision tree training programs and event planning solutions.

With several years of experience in E-Commerce, Digital Phenom can make an online retail store a reality for your business.

A few of our larger clients have been Saab, DuPont, and Disney. We can handle any application, no matter how large.  Bring us your problems and our designers will develop programs to solve them!