Do you have video on your web site? Video is one sure way to make your site stand out.  At Digital Phenom, we have ten years of experience developing, editing and publishing all sorts of video to the web.  From a short video from you CEO to a catchy sales piece that goes viral video on the web is the future.  

Our Process – We actually have a small, simple to operate cameras, called a Flip camera, that we send to you.  You tape your content, you can do as many takes as you want, you can watch your video right on the camera, delete and rerecord it.  The video camera can tape up to 1 hour of video.  When you have the video the way you want it you send it back to us.  If you need us to do any editing we can take care of it.  We then post this on your web site or upload it to YouTube or any of the other Video web sites and then you can start to share it.

Here is a sample from one of our newest clients Rob Krupicka.  The campaign staff for Rob recorded this in a busy restaurant on the Flip video camera.