Digital Phenom has innovative methods to help you get listed at the top of popular search engines.

This is how it works. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! use software algorithms to determine suitability of websites while performing a search that results in a list of the best sites available. Search engine optimization (SEO) uses a deep understanding of how these algorithms work to send your site to the top of that list. 

Let’s say you sell custom teddy bears in Anchorage, Alaska. There are also five other businesses that sell a competitive product. Statistically, after a person performs a search for a product (in this case “Anchorage Teddy Bears”) they generally click on the first suitable link that is listed. Before using SEO, your website may have been fourth or fifth on the list, meaning that your rivals are being chosen by default. After applying our extensive knowledge to the pertinent markers on your site, you should be first or second.

SEO – Is your phone ringing as much as you’d like? Are you making enough money? Digital Phenom has the answers. By boosting traffic to your website from search engines through a variety of methods, you will notice not only more client activity, but better suited clients as well.

Leading research company Jupiter Media Matrix and Yankelovich Partners found that approximately 80% of online users make search requests to find information. And 85% of travelers use the Internet to find travel information and make online reservations. 

As your online marketing consultants, Digital Phenom will get your site listed in the top results of the major search engines for the competitive keyword phrases your customers are searching for.

No wild claims! We will do the hard work to get you real-world results.

Step One 

Digital Phenom performs a Client Goal/Site Architecture and Visibility Assessment to determine what can be done to bring more traffic to your site.

Step Two

We personalize a program catered to the needs of your site. The best efforts generally include the development of a custom campaign strategy as well as key phrase research and selection.

Step Three 

The program is implemented with the use of appropriate measures. 

These often include:

* Page coding and text editing/uploading

* Manual submissions to selected search engines

* Search engine-friendly site copywriting

* Local/regional-search campaign management

* Visibility monitoring & reporting.


Our comprehensive market research, cutting edge SEO techniques, detailed website content analysis, and intricate traffic and conversion tracking systems are proven methods for generating quantifiable results. We do not use automated submission software; all of our submissions are developed meticulously by hand to ensure proper placement.

Digital Phenom’s comprehensive SEO program includes:

* Customized SEO (based on primary keyword targets)

* Meta tag development

* Submissions to major search engines

* Directory analysis & submission

* Monitoring, maintenance and resubmissions