Web hosting is most easily described as using an organization to maintain and “hold” your organization’s site in order to keep it operational. The alternative is maintaining your website on your own servers and paying an individual to keep it up and running. 

Do you have the time to constantly administer your web site? With over ten years of experience in web hosting, Digital Phenom has developed a comprehensive system to ensure that your site has the connectivity it needs. We have three different levels of service to meet the needs of your growing organization and a program to ensure that your domain name remains yours. 

At Digital Phenom, service is our calling card. Call up a support line at one of our competitors and you are frequently outsourced to an overseas call center where you are just a number. It goes without saying that at Digital Phenom, every client has a name and a face. Your site is reviewed weekly by our staff and its performance is monitored to ensure functionality and uptime. 

All data centers offer 24 / 7 monitoring, redundant connectivity, uninterruptible power supply, digitally-monitored security systems, fire suppression, data back-up services, and redundant cooling systems. We also offer a stable of extra services that make Digital Phenom a full service organization. 

Levels of Service


Our Standard level of hosting entails a business class solution with 250 partitioned Gigs of web space and 100 Gigs per month of data transfer. Prices begin at $50 per month per site.


Depending on the connectivity needs of your site, our Plus package may be the right one for you. Beginning at $100 per month, this program boasts Virtual Private Servers and as much as 500 Gigs of bandwidth.


The best hosting solutions we offer; Premium accounts are frequently customized to match the exact needs of the unique clients we service. This program frequently includes private servers and begins at $200 per month.

All levels of hosting include email on your domain to keep your business communicating effectively! 

Our professional web hosting services also include dedicated and semi-dedicated hosting on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, providing 24-hour network security and uptime monitoring, backup and storage options, and live support. We satisfy all of the technology, bandwidth and storage requirements needed for your website.

As your web hosting provider, Digital Phenom utilizes advanced server monitoring to constantly alert technicians of hosting issues and threats. This service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and supplements our commitment to the uptime of our clients’ websites.

Website maintenance and management services are critical to maintaining trust and credibility with your customers. Dedicated Phenom project and account managers develop a strong working knowledge of individual client websites and regularly evaluate content and functionality, providing recommendations to ensure the information presented is accurate, up-to-date, and effective. We strategically manage your website, including monitoring content, updating and refreshing text and graphics, and proactively assessing usability and brand positioning.